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Maintaining a relevant online presence can be a burden. Moreover, website builders are expensive and too complicated for the needs of freelancers.

Bloom is the only all-in-one CRM featuring beautiful portfolio templates designed for simple and elegant freelancer websites. Signup for a free trial today.

The Minimalist

Less is more. Simple websites work better.

Bloom templates follow minimalist themes while focusing on what matters. Enjoy an online presence that makes your portfolio stand out. Most importantly, the templates feature calls to action giving your clients an easy way to get started.

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Vertical Split

Perfectly elegant and powerfully effective.

A professional template that offers a vertical split between your portfolio images and short descriptions. Top navigation offers links to your portfolio and most importantly a custom call to action.

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Nordical Air

Showcase your work in a fresh and airy environment.

This template features a left hand navigation allow your users to easily nagivate your portfolio while enjoying your beautiful portfolio. Every template offers layout customization, custom domains, pixel embedding, and even reviews.

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