Our mission: Less admin and more epic freelance living

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Many independent artists struggle to make a living because business and admin tasks are overwhelming, complicated, and simply boring.

The unfortunate irony, is that the artistic skills required for being a creative are completely different from the skills required to make money with creative skills.

We created bloom so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Bloom exists to help creatives run an efficient and profitable online business. To accomplish this, we have built a powerful business management and growth toolset, giving creatives access to modern and robust technology, all in one place.

We're enabling creatives to focus on their craft and putting freedom back into freelancing.

Artists have always struggled to monetize

Creatives need a better solution

The online revolution has put millions of talented artists at a massive disadvantage. Consumers expect to interact with and make buying decisions online but creatives are not equipped to meet them on the web.

Unfortunately, most online services are built for small and medium size businesses, not solopreneurs. Independent creatives are forced to juggle online services which are expensive, difficult to manage, and oftentimes don’t work.


This struggle results in burnout and exhaustion. For example, an average full-time photographer subscribes to at least 10 disjointed services, such as a website builder, lead capture tools, lead management and sales, contract signing, scheduling, invoicing, task management, image delivery, and communication.

Bloom is re-envisioning what it looks like for creatives and artists to run a business in a digital world.


We believe that technology has finally
matured to give back to creatives.

Paul M

Bloom CEO & Co-Founder