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How to use the free invoice maker:

When you're designing an invoice for the first time, you'll need to fill out some blanks in the invoice template. Here are 7 steps to a beautiful invoice.

  • 1Add your company info in the details section including currency, name and email, address, client name and email, and due date. Add the invoice number.
  • 2Add each line item, along with a description of service or product, quantity, and rate.
  • 3Enter the tax rate, discount amount, and enable tipping if applicable.
  • 4Select payment methods you would like the invoice to support.
  • 5Customize your invoice by adding a logo and selecting your brand colors, and cover image. Save invoice template for a recurring invoice.
  • 6Add a personalized message in the notes section.
  • 7Preview the email and invoice PDF before sending final invoice.
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Invoices build brand

Your brand is an essential part of your business and must be guarded. This is why every every interaction with your clients must stand out. Especially as it relates to money, invoicing is an essential part of the client experience that will leave a positive and professional impression.

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Q: Can I make a PDF invoice using the online invoice generator?

A: Yes. The PDF button in the upper right corner of an invoice allows you to generate a PDF copy of your invoice that you can keep for reference or email to your client.

Q: How do I send my invoice?

A: You can email your online invoice, download a PDF copy, or send your client a link to the invoice. The client can download or print the invoice from the link.

Q: Can I save an invoice template for a recurring invoice?

A: If you'd like to save your invoice templates, please create a Bloom account and make the invoicing process even faster and easier.

Why not use a word processor instead?

Many professionals build invoice templates using a word processor like Microsoft, or Apple Pages. While this approach certainly works, none of these templates will be able to integrate with merchants like Zelle, Cashapp, Venmo or Paypal. Building a brand is about giving your clients an experience that stands out as significantly better than your competitors. This is why the Bloom invoice make is a much better solution.

You... still accept... checks?!

Old school payment methods like cash or checks make your brand feel dated. Checks are difficult to monitor, slow, and less secure than more modern options. Large sums of cash aren't convenient for clients to withdraw or carry. Cash cannot be tracked, unlike bank transfers or credit card payments. The online invoice generator gives your clients a modern and secure way to make payments.

Alternatives to Using an Invoice Generator

Quickbooks and Freshbooks are built for accountants and large enterprises. This type of invoicing software is complicated and expensive. Creating multiple invoices on Microsoft Excel or Word requires copying and re-typing item details and too many time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

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